Groupware server proposal

Sven Richter sveri-list at
Sun Jul 15 21:18:00 BST 2007


On Friday 13 July 2007 19:50:16 Ryan Kavanagh wrote:
> About this time last summer, we were having a hard time trying to pick a
> time for a meeting, since everybody had different schedules, etc. Then
> somebody proposed a KOLAB server. It mulled, and I kinda thought of setting
> one up, but only got around to it about 6 months later, after contacting
> Paleo (Olivier Bédard, the guy who hosts the webpages for Amarok, etc.). We
> tried setting KOLAB up for Kubuntu Devel over a couple weeks, without
> success, probably due to the fact that compiling old server software from
> scratch doesn't often work well. Since then, I tried installing eGroupWare,
> with moderate success, and KOLAB has recently released Kolab 2.1.0 after a
> couple years.
I was lucky installing kolab about a year ago and it worked
as it should.
But this time for my home network i want it with the horde
package and tried and tried, but couldnt get it done.

I would really appreciate it if you could write your steps down
and publish them if you get it done on (k)ubuntu.

Thx in Advance
Sven Richter

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