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Michael D. Stemle, Jr. manchicken at
Fri Jul 13 22:37:07 BST 2007

On Friday 13 July 2007 12:50:16 Ryan Kavanagh wrote:
> About this time last summer, we were having a hard time trying to pick a
> time for a meeting, since everybody had different schedules, etc. Then
> somebody proposed a KOLAB server. It mulled, and I kinda thought of setting
> one up, but only got around to it about 6 months later, after contacting
> Paleo (Olivier Bédard, the guy who hosts the webpages for Amarok, etc.). We
> tried setting KOLAB up for Kubuntu Devel over a couple weeks, without
> success, probably due to the fact that compiling old server software from
> scratch doesn't often work well. Since then, I tried installing eGroupWare,
> with moderate success, and KOLAB has recently released Kolab 2.1.0 after a
> couple years.
> I'm offering to either proceed and setup an eGroupWare server, or try Kolab
> 2.1.0, and if install fails, resort to eGroupware.  Is there any interest
> in such a server?
> The uses of a groupware server (Kolab or eGroupWare), for Kubuntu Devel
> would be:
>  * Set meeting times based on who 'must' be there, who 'should' be there,
> and then the rest. It will calculate the time based on people's priority,
> and their schedule ;
>  * Group & personal TODO (group TODO could have a list of things that need
> to be done, and anybody wondering on what to tackle could just check the
> list and 'claim' an item) ;
>  * Group & personal Calendar (set deadlines, etc?) ;
>  * Kontact integration, as well as a web interface for when you're away
> from home ;
>  * Shared address book, powered by OpenLDAP, so that you don't have to look
> on launchpad each time you need someone's email address
>  * POP3/IMAP access to email
>  * Restricted to Kubuntu members (and Ubuntu members who contribute to
> Kubuntu) so as to prevent tampering with ressources
> Kolab:
> eGroupWare:
> eGroupWare online demo:
> Cheers,
> Ryan

At the very least this will get us thinking more about larger scale groupware 
solutions that are very common in business situations, and get the programs 
that support such functionality tested better.  I'm game.

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