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Ryan Kavanagh ryanakca at
Fri Jul 13 18:50:16 BST 2007

About this time last summer, we were having a hard time trying to pick a time 
for a meeting, since everybody had different schedules, etc. Then somebody 
proposed a KOLAB server. It mulled, and I kinda thought of setting one up, 
but only got around to it about 6 months later, after contacting Paleo 
(Olivier Bédard, the guy who hosts the webpages for Amarok, etc.). We tried 
setting KOLAB up for Kubuntu Devel over a couple weeks, without success, 
probably due to the fact that compiling old server software from scratch 
doesn't often work well. Since then, I tried installing eGroupWare, with 
moderate success, and KOLAB has recently released Kolab 2.1.0 after a couple 

I'm offering to either proceed and setup an eGroupWare server, or try Kolab 
2.1.0, and if install fails, resort to eGroupware.  Is there any interest in 
such a server?

The uses of a groupware server (Kolab or eGroupWare), for Kubuntu Devel would 

 * Set meeting times based on who 'must' be there, who 'should' be there, and 
then the rest. It will calculate the time based on people's priority, and 
their schedule ;
 * Group & personal TODO (group TODO could have a list of things that need to 
be done, and anybody wondering on what to tackle could just check the list 
and 'claim' an item) ;
 * Group & personal Calendar (set deadlines, etc?) ;
 * Kontact integration, as well as a web interface for when you're away from 
home ;
 * Shared address book, powered by OpenLDAP, so that you don't have to look on 
launchpad each time you need someone's email address
 * POP3/IMAP access to email
 * Restricted to Kubuntu members (and Ubuntu members who contribute to 
Kubuntu) so as to prevent tampering with ressources

eGroupWare online demo:


Ryan Kavanagh (ryanakca)
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