KDE 4 i386 packages for Gutsy

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 8 00:33:55 BST 2007

Hey everyone,

I have created a generic package set for the KDE 4 Alpha 2 release. You can 
grab a copy at http://www.nixternal.com/pkg/7.10/kde4/kde4.tar.bz2. I am 
reworking them now that I have a generic set in order to start a more 
predominant KDE 4 build setup for the team. What I would like to do is get 
this started, and then provide either weekly or biweekly snapshot builds of 
KDE 4 which can hopefully/eventually be used to setup a Kubuntu & KDE 4 

@Jonathan Riddell: would it make sense to start a Bazaar branch for 
~kubuntu-members for KDE 4 packages? Just the debian/ directory or we can do 
a packages directory that contains the debian/ directories and a tarball 
directory that contains the *.orig.tar.gz files? Kind of like what Debian is 
doing in the KDE4 branch.

I have a pretty solid understanding now of the KDE 4 dependencies and layout. 
We are temporarily installing the KDE 4 packages to /usr/lib/kde4 which 
seperates the KDE 4 packages from the rest of the system. All of the packages 
in the tarball I have linked above install fine into my Gutsy chroot, however 
I haven't had a chance to setup a KDE 4 environment to test them. If someone 
feels like it, test them :)

I am going to continue working on them, and if you have some ideas or 
pointers, please do not hesitate to jump in. Another thing I would like to do 
is possibly get some Feisty packages done as well, but would probably apt for 
a Beta 1, Beta 2, RC 1, RC 2 release schedule on these packages.


Bzr branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~nixternal/+junk/kde4
Codeview:  http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~nixternal/+junk/kde4/changes

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at ubuntu.com
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124
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