Large Frustrations w/ Edgy and VMWare Server

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Jan 30 15:16:08 GMT 2007

Good morning,

I used to use VMWare Server every day on my Edgy install but I wanted to
do a fresh install of Edgy to fix a lot of problems I was having and made
However since that fresh install I have not been able to get VMWare
installed and running successfully.  I have installed VMWare player via
apt-get nstall vmware-player but now everytime I try to install a package
or update, the vmware-player package tries to be reconfigured and fails
every time, but still runs.

Now when I try to install vmware server folliwng the instructions at, I receive an error that
an installation is in process already.

If I do I fresh install of Edgy and then follow the same instructions at
the wiki page, I recieve an error message that I need to re-run the
configure script at /usr/bin/ no matter how many times I
try to run vmware

So on my previous load of Edgy, I just followed the instructions
at: w/o any problems.  What
changed in the updates?
Jonathan Jesse

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