Guide to getting mp3 and video working

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at
Wed Jan 10 10:39:10 GMT 2007

,---- Subs wrote:
| Just installed Kubuntu. From looking at the FAQ on the website I thought it
| would be easy to get video or at least mp3 support working by installing a
| couple of packages. Alas no it's not. No doubt this has been asked a
| million times before but for Kubuntu 6.10 what do I need to do to
| * Get mp3 support in Amarok and in general across the desktop?
| * What do I need to do in order to play back the avi's I taken with my
| camera on my holidays?
| * What do we I need to do to be able to playback the DVDs I rent from the
| video store?

I thought, all of this is explained in the Kubuntu Desktop Guide
or at least on pages, it links to?

If not, there is also the Restricted Formats page, which should answer your 

| I'd be happy to produce a guide and stick it up on the Kubuntu FAQ if
| someone could tell me how to do these things. Is it not time that a quick
| link was provided on the desktop which would install all these dependancies
| at the click of a user button?

Maybe you just need to link to one of the above.


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