Nasty upgrader bug fixed...

Michael D. Stemle, Jr. manchicken at
Sun Feb 4 19:18:29 GMT 2007

Okay, so kubuntu updater was segfaulting for me, and I hear others too.  What 
I found was that whenever you ran it on something with a distro name (e.g. 
edgy, feisty) was not found in the ubuntu meta-release file on the changelogs 
site, it defaulted to warty.  Then, when it tried to use the release notes 
file that the meta-release file pointed to for warty, it ended up with a null 
pointer because warty doesn't have a release notes URL in that file.  We 
didn't start doing that until Dapper.  So I just threw in some checking, and 
if parseMetafile() comes back thinking that the current distro has a 
different name than the one we passed in, we assume there are no possible 
upgrades that can be performed.

So, all that said, I have committed it to the updater changelogs branch 
(revision 17).  Attached is a patch.

~ Michael D. Stemle, Jr. <><
(A)bort, (R)etry, (I)nfluence with large hammer
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