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Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at lichota.net
Sat Dec 22 09:17:13 GMT 2007

Tom M. Shaw napisał(a):
> On Friday 21 December 2007 01:54:09 Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
>> I think KDE 3.5 is not high-maintainance thing as it has been in Kubuntu
>> for many years and there are no changes after 3.5.8. It is just keeping
>> the state as it is.
> There's more to Kubuntu that just the KDE 3.5 series, there's a lot that gets 
> updated every release that interacts with the GNOME side so a lot gets done 
> to keep the KDE things working. 

Could you elaborate more on that? I do not see much interaction points
with Gnome in KDE.

>> KDE 3.5 part does not require any significant changes. Just take what is
>> already available in Gutsy and pass it on.
> Again I think the passing it on is what is causing more work just to gain the 
> same KDE 3.5 desktop. It's going to happen anyway but with Gutsty you not 
> only have the same desktop but you get 6 months of testing and some backports 
> by lots of people. I know it's kind of a crazy idea but maybe a Kubuntu Gutsy 
> iso could be re-rolled out in the next few months or sometime. There's quite 
> a few updates that would make it a really good stable release and with very 
> few downloads after installation.
>> Dapper is already 16 months old (close to 18 months of usual support
>> lifecycle) and does not fit many user requirements, especially with
>> newer hardware. People need another LTS release.
> I'd just like to point out that what you're saying is that the the last LTS 
> release targeted for 3 years was only good for 1.5 years for a lot of users, 
> so it's kind of hard to convince anyone to make another 3 year release when 
> the last one might not have made it past the normal 18 month cycle. I think 
> the users that want stable are different than those who actually need 3 years 
> of support on something and every 6 month release fits the need of being 
> stable for the majority of the target audience.

You forget that not everybody jumped into 6.06 train. If people would
like to start using Kubuntu now, they can choose 18 months (well, 16
months already) of support for Gutsy or... 16 months for Dapper. No
option to get 3 years. With Ubuntu they will at least get LTS next
spring. IMO LTS releases should be issued every 1.5 - 2 years with 3
years support - this would be the best way to catch long-support users.

> In my view Kubuntu is the best KDE distro there is right now and with these 
> decisions being made to put out a KDE4 version it gets even better to a lot 
> of other people. I build KDE4 from trunk many times a week and it really 
> isn't in too bad of shape and in a few months it easily will be giving the 
> KDE3 desktop some serious competition for stability and usefulness.

Do you really think that .0.0 release can be compared to .5.8 release in
terms of stability?

	Krzysztof Lichota

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