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Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 21 15:23:03 GMT 2007

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Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> Official statement from Canonical would help a lot here. Noone will
> seriuosly rely on such statements if they are not officially backed.

Riddell's statement should be regarded as official.  He is the Canonical
face of Kubuntu.  Presumably the tech board will also issue a statement.

>IMO 8.04 should be LTS release with mainly 3.5 support and with
> option to try out KDE 4, if someone wishes to do so, but with
> possibility of falling back to rock-stable 3.5 if some problems arise.
> I think KDE 4 can be used as stable base since version 4.1 appears and
> all young-age problems are tracked and solved. And when more apps using
> KDE 4 will appear.

This sort of discussion is useless.  Kubuntu Hardy will not be LTS, as
per the tech board's decision.  This will not change by people
complaining about it.  The tech board would never have decided (and
disclosed) this without extensive thought.  The task now is to decide
where Kubuntu should go, for this release, with the constraints that we
have, and will be discussed in tomorrow's meeting as well.

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