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On Dec 20, 2007 3:44 PM, Richard A. Johnson <nixternal at kubuntu.org> wrote:

> On Thursday 20 December 2007, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> [...]
> | Ok confused on this.  Are we shipping a LTS version of Kubuntu and a
> | non-LTS version of Kubuntu?  After reading Rich's (nixternal) blog I'm
> even
> | more confused.
> Kubuntu 8.04 will not be LTS, unless after all of this hoopla something
> changes. Honestly, I do not see why the KDE 3.5 release can't be LTS, but
> as
> Jonathan said, that is Canonical's calling.
> [...]
> | I think we are doing a disservice if we aren't doing a LTS version.  Can
> | someone help me out?
> If we were to continue to redirect 100% of our efforts to KDE 3.5, come
> this
> time next year, we will be so far behind the rest of the distributions
> pushing KDE 4. We, Kubuntu Development Team, do not have the resources to
> do
> both a KDE 3.5 LTS release as well as a KDE 4 release at the same time. We
> cannot afford to neglect KDE 4 as a distribution. If we were to neglect it
> now, we could never catch up to distributions such as Fedora, openSUSE,
> and
> others who are just swarming with developers.
> The LTS release only means that for the next 3 years, there will be
> security
> updates, and I have a feeling that even if Kubuntu 8.04 didn't have an LTS
> release, we would support security issues in time.
> Dropping the LTS tag could be a marketing ploy, which honestly wouldn't be
> a
> bad idea and something I would support. If we were to continue trying to
> bust
> our humps trying to produce both KDE 4 and KDE 3.5 side-by-side, there is
> that chance that due to limited resources we could produce a not-so-great
> release, and I am sure this could worry Canonical's best interest.
> I am sure that if this was Canonical's decision, they did their homework
> and
> spoke with any clients and/or customers which currently hold a Kubuntu
> support contract, and they possibly have some further details about how
> much
> Kubuntu Dapper is currently being used.
> No matter the decision we made, people weren't going to be happy. If we
> went
> and stayed the LTS course, not paying much attention to KDE 4, come time
> for
> a real KDE 4 release we would have been overwhelmed. At the same time more
> people are interested in KDE 4 more so than KDE 3.5 and LTS.
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Ok I think we will disagree with this.  Just curious as to what has changed
since UDS-Boston when we talked about doing a release of KDE4 for both Gutsy
and Hardy along with LTS of Kubuntu that ran 8.04.

I think we are doing a diservice to Kubuntu by not creating a Long Term
Support.  Kubuntu is already viewed as a 2nd class citizen to Ubuntu and I
think this proves it even further.  In fact after using Ubuntu on my wife's
machine I am begining to agree with this as well.
Bring on the LTS
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