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jakuhr-linux at jakuhr-linux at
Wed Aug 29 11:27:47 BST 2007

Hello everybody,

with the last launchpad release the translators from Launchpad get included into the translator credits in the "About" dialog of each program.

This look quite ok in Ubuntu, but really horrible in Kubuntu/KDE.

What we need to make it look reasonable would be just a small patch to kdelibs:

We should add a translatable title above the original upstream translators (eg. "Upstream translators") followed by the normal list of translator names and their mail adresses.

And a new section for the Lauchpad translators below, with their names and http links to their launchpad accounts. This section should be separted from the upstream translators by a free line and get a translatable title like "Launchpad translators".

Probably its a very quick job for anyone who knows to code. Unfortunately I'm just a translator and cannot do it myself.

Could anyone help with this issue [1]. Riddell offered to mentor it :)


Jannick Kuhr


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