Kubuntu council: responses to your questions and concerns

Corey Cohen coreymon77 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 22:19:38 BST 2007

first of all, thanks a lot for all the compliments you have given me, its
great to hear it. now, as for the questions and concerns that you have
listed, i will list them again and then answer them.

1)  I noticed a heavy support factor from you and that is awesome, but at
same time some things I noticed are:
    a) low karma rating in LP
        - only for translations

1)  What are your goals as it pertains to Kubuntu and the Ubuntu community?
2)  Do you plan on spreading out from translations, if so how?
3)  What are you interested in doing that would help out Kubuntu the most?
4)  With regards to my concerns, do you plan on bug triage?
5)  With regards to my concerns, if you provide a lot of support, how come
do not have any Karma in LP for Support tickets?

In regards to your concern. The reason I have a lower karma rating which is
only for translations is because of the fact that i have only more recently
been more fully introduced to launchpad. Up until more recently, i had been
told about launchpad and did a couple translations, but was never really
comfortable with it. Until recently, all of my support and contributions
were solely through IRC. Now that I am beginning to get more comfortable and
familiar with launchpad, I can begin to raise my karma through other ways as
well. This also pertains to most of your questions.
My answers to your questions are as follows:
1) My goals relating to Kubuntu and the rest of the community are to finally
build up the strength to break out of my shell of only irc wifi support,
having that been my only form of contribution for so long, and to begin to
aid the community in many other ways. My final and largest goal is to
actually learn how to code and how to package so i can begin to contribute
to Kubuntu in more developmental and technical ways, while still continuing
to aid through support. However, smaller goals include partial beta testing
and even some bug work.
2) Translations will probably always be my biggest area of contribution on
launchpad, for it is the area that I am most familiar and comfortable with.
But, as I begin to be more at ease with launchpad and its features, I plan
on spreading out to support tickets and mentoring for new kubuntu users.
3) I am personally interested in helping out new users of Kubuntu. Whether
it be helping them install and set up kubuntu or just helping them with the
transition from their former operating systems to Kubuntu. Helping out new
users is probably one of the most important things that can be done for
Kubuntu. Launchpad bug Number 1 is that Microsoft holds the majority of the
market share. This bug is top priority and severity and the only way to
solve it is by getting more new users. We all know from experience how
daunting of a task our first switch to linux was. Everyone, including me,
was comfortable with their old operating systems and switching to one such
as linux was a big task. Many new users to linux are confused about what to
do and how to use Kubuntu and linux in general. If we, the established users
of Kubuntu, dont try to help them and to ease them in to their transitions,
they are highly likely to switch back to whatever operating system they were
using beforehand and give up on linux. They might also begin to tell people
they know not to use linux because it is too complicated. I want to help
ease our new users into Kubuntu so that not only do they stick with it, but
they recommend it to everyone. I have a sibling who is very knowledgeable in
computers and linux to help me do the switch, but not everyone is that
lucky. So i want to make sure that our new users have someone they can rely
on to ease them through the transition, just like my brother did for me.
4) Bug work, including triage is part of my goals for Kubuntu, however, I
have been unable to do bug work because of my computer. My computer is a few
years old and is starting to die out on me. With my current computer, I have
been unable to do bug work because my computer cant run virtual machines of
kubuntu betas smoothly, so it has been impossible for me to distinguish
between a legitimate bug and my computer just not being able to handle the
virtual machine. I plan on buying a new mac laptop very soon with the
core-duo chips, allowing me to run Kubuntu betas virtually as if they were
native. In terms of triaging, I have only recently discovered what bug
triaging is and now that I know this, I will definitely begin to do it when
I have free time. At first I will require a small amount of mentoring, but I
catch on quickly and hopefully, not too far from now, I can begin to give
the mentoring myself.
5) As I said in response to your concern, I have only been formally
introduced to Launchpad and its features quite recently and so, have not
been able to discover many of Launchpads features as of yet. The reason that
I havent aided in wifi related support tickets is because of the fact that I
did not know they existed and once I did know how they existed, I did not
know how to use them. Now that I am becoming much more familiar and
comfortable with launchpad's features, I will start to contribute in other
areas of it other than translations, including wifi related support tickets
or any other area that I can help with.

Once again, thanks a lot for your compliments  and I have taken to heart all
the things you have said you want to see from me in the future. Feel free to
contact me if you have anything else to say.

Corey Cohen (aka: coreymon77)
PS Sorry if this was a little long, since this is through email and not irc,
i wanted to make sure I made everything clear and said everything that was
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