question on "about me" in system settings and login picture

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Fri Aug 17 15:36:37 BST 2007

Good morning,

In Gutsy, one of the new things for logging in is the login manager (I
think that's what its called), where you can choose what user to login by
clicking on a name.  I was looking to change the picture there and found
the "about me" section in system settings and noticed there was a way to
change my image.  So I selected one of the default images and also changed
how many stars for each letter in my password should be used.
I noticed that in the login manager this did not change the picture or the
amount of stars per letter.  However, when I am a prompted for my sudo
password, like using Adept, this portion has changed.

Shouldn't changing these ssettings in system settings also reflect in the
login manager?  If this is a bug, I'll report it on launchpad, but don't
know what pacakge to report against.

Thanks for your time,

Jonathan Jesse

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