Kubuntu Gutsy wallpaper discussion

Stefan Skotte sfs at enhance-it.dk
Wed Aug 15 21:58:14 BST 2007

I think that widescreen is actually more likely than the old 4:3, so it 
should definitely be included.

But what about the coloring which the mail originally questioned; any 
votes for that specific subject ? :)

I would like it darker, since most of the colors in kubuntu gutsy is 
already rather bright.

+1 for darker :)

Justin wrote:
> While that is certainly true, I would note that my Kubuntu Gutsy wallpaper
> looks very nice on my widescreen. The scaling isn't nearly as big a deal
> when it's not a photograph.
> Still, widescreen wallpaper wouldn't hurt.
> On 8/15/07, Frode M. Døving <frode at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>>> These look pretty good, but I would like to remind folks that
>> widescreens are
>>> really becoming more and more common.  I'm not sure about other
>> countries,
>>> but in the US it seems like more and more manufacturers are moving to
>>> widescreen displays.  It seems like we have previously considered
>> widescreen
>>> displays to be exceptions, and it does seem like it's becoming more of
>> the
>>> norm.  All of these backgrounds look great, but it would be nice to see
>> some
>>> widescreen ones come out.
>> +1
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>> fdoving
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