Kubuntu Gutsy wallpaper discussion

Stefan Skotte sfs at enhance-it.dk
Wed Aug 15 12:12:36 BST 2007

Hi Martin,

Great idea to write it out to the list... I would like to see something 
like nature photos, but unfortunately I dont think its in everyones 
taste. So...

I have collected a few good (I think so) contenders for wallpaper:

http://enhance-it.dk/wallpaper/37708-palm.svg (green)
http://enhance-it.dk/wallpaper/colorwaves-BLUE.jpg (blue - dark)
http://enhance-it.dk/wallpaper/pic-3972.jpg (blue - light streaks)

Maybe these can be adapted or inspire kwii..

Kind regards,
Stefan Skotte

Martin Böhm wrote:
> Dear List,
> the feature freeze is getting closer, so I spent a moment thinking
> about non-development stuff a bit, namely the current Kubuntu Gutsy
> wallpaper.
> I think the pattern in it is not a bad one, but the colour used is not
> really good for daily use. I think it's too bright. I would really go
> for a darker shade of blue or another similar colour.
> I'm not an art expert, so I think the best way to find out whether the
> people will (dis)like the background is to ask them. So I'd like to
> ask you:
> What do you think about the current wallpaper?
> I think it's really important to know your opinion to refine and
> improve the artwork, because even though we're developers, when it
> comes to art, we're mostly on the same level as the users.
> Here is a link to the current Gutsy wallpaper (to refresh your memory) :
> http://mhb.ath.cx/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/kubuntu-wallpaper.png
> Thanks,
> Martin Böhm
> PS: Ken, I hope you won't be angry at me for this :o)

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