Klamav Updates

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Mon Aug 13 19:04:11 BST 2007

Op maandag 13 augustus 2007 03:53 schreef u:
> On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 03:33:51 +0200 Stephan Hermann <sh at sourcecode.de> wrote:
> >Good Morning Scott,
> >
> >Another alternative would be to patch Klamav, that it's not looking for 
> >new clamav updates but updates to the ubuntu clamav package.
> Agreed, although it'd be a more invasive patch that someone would have to 
> write.  That would resolve the particular concern I have.

I jus ttalked to Scott on irc and he noted that the engine update (which we are talking about here) is not a simple binary piece of code, but it requires a full recompile by the user, that means the user has to download and install all build-deps for this procedure to work. After that it will install a new version of klamav.

I can see this is unwanted and it should be solved by a volatile/security repository which is default enabled in all setups.

We migh want to add a popup/check when klamav is installed if those are enabled.



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