Klamav Updates

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sun Aug 12 16:19:32 BST 2007

Op vrijdag 10 augustus 2007 16:03 schreef u:
> At the last Kubuntu meeting we discussed (at my request) whether or not Klamav 
> should be patched to disable the Clamav auto-update feature.
> At the meeting, I argued against the patch.  One basis of my argument was 
> that'd I'd tested the upgrade paths with the clamav in the packaging system 
> when one instlled by Klamav was present and it did no harm.  In my 
> estimation, that was a key factor in the rough consensus around the idea that 
> we should allow Klamav to update Clamav.
> It turns out I was wrong.  In further testing as I've worked with packaging 
> Klamav 0.41.1, I've found that a newer clamav installed via the packaging 
> system will look in /usr/local, find, and use libraries it finds there.  I 
> know for certain this is true for Freshclam and cannot exclude it for the 
> other clamav packages.
> So, I think that changes things and unless someone objects, I'm going to 
> upload Klamav with Clamav updates patched out as it is currently in Gutsy.  I 
> do intend to break the current patch that disables Klamav and Clamav updates 
> into two patches so that if the Clamav behavior changes at a later date, 
> it'll be trivial to re-enable Clamav updates (just remove the patch).
> Scott K


Disabling the possibility to update a virusscanner is in my humble opinion not the way to go. So I object. Please note that I have little to say in this matter, I just want to have it said. 



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