Another adept patch...

Michael D. Stemle, Jr. manchicken at
Thu Apr 5 16:08:50 BST 2007

Okay, so after much scratching of the head and drinking of the beer, I've 
finally figured out where our little extending icon ran off to.

In order to implement the supported package indicator icon, I overrode the 
QListViewItem::pixmap(int) method.  Well, the problem with this is that 
ExtendableItem objects use the QListViewItem::pixmap(int) method to draw that 
little extender icon.  So the ExtendableItem's icon for column zero wasn't 
being seen because it was hitting ListerItem::pixmap(int) and getting a zero 

To fix this I just returned static_cast<QListViewItem*>(this)->pixmap(column) 
if we're looking for the extender icon.  This seems to do it.

Sorry if the patch is a little dirty, I couldn't find a clean branch to patch.

~ Michael D. Stemle, Jr. <><
(A)bort, (R)etry, (I)nfluence with large hammer
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