Konversation patch to upload to main

Anthony Mercatante tonio at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 9 11:30:14 BST 2006

Le Saturday 9 Septembre 2006 09:02, Martin Meredith a écrit :
> Hey there - I just patched konversation so that it uses irc.ubuntu.com
> as the default IRC server.
> If a core-dev could push it to main it'd be nice!
> sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/konversation/ubuntu-server/
> It's pushing at the moment... so give it an hour or so ;)
> Cheers!
> Mez

Hey Mez !

Uploaded, thanks !
I also had to change kubuntu-default-settings since konversion settings for 
kubuntu are overwrittent by k-d-s settings.
I let the patch in konversation for gnome users.


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