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Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at
Fri Sep 8 11:14:11 BST 2006

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Good evening,
> Ever notice how sad looks and
> how much help it needs? In fact it hasn’t been updated since pre-dapper.
> I will be adding some love to the documentation section but we all
> need to add some love to the other sections. How bout the section on
> Packaging, it still references Dapper, gack….
I tried to put as much of the material from HelpingKubuntu into the
<>ContributeToUbuntu page which
will be shipped with the documentation for Edgy. The hope is to make a
document on contributing to work across the various related *buntu projects.

Of Kubuntu should have its own page as well, but as I've tried to
reflect it in the Contribute doc, Kubuntu development is more akin to
the Ubuntu Desktop Team (with their focus on GNOME) rather than to a
completely separate project, working together with Ubuntu in the
DocTeam, the Artwork team and so on rather than having separate teams of
their own for these tasks.

Of course this could be clearer in the doc, but I hope the meaning comes
across. Feel free to edit the Contribute doc to make the role of Kubuntu
and other *buntus clearer and better integrate it with your own
HelpingKubuntu page. I that regard, I would humbly like to suggest
adopting a clear structure for the page - maybe even the
<>eamPageTemplate that I've
created to make an easy recognizable page format for people browsing
through the various teams, seeking to get involved.

Of course, this may not be appropriate for Kubuntu - I'm merely putting
it out there for your consideration.




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