Trolltech ASA have employed two Community Managers

Knut Yrvin kyrvin at
Mon Sep 4 16:49:44 BST 2006

A short introduction. 

On August the 1st, Knut Yrvin[1] started as Community Manager at
Trolltech[2]. In this role, Knut will work closely with Trolltech
Engineering, Sales and Marketing groups to build a vibrant Qt
community[3] and ensure an appreciation and understanding of the
community's requirements.


Trolltech has also employed Lorn Potter as Community Manager for
Qtopia. Both Community Managers are responsible for helping to make
communication between Trolltech and Free Software developers as
easy as possible.

Lorn will most likely introduce himself when he is back from vacation.

Some of Knut's background:

Knut Yrvin started his career with Telenor in 1986 as a Technical
Assistant and moved through several positions before taking on the
role of Planner For Technical Projects in 1992 with a college degree
in engineering. In 1993, he was sponsored by Telenor to pursue
graduate studies in computer science at the University of Oslo. He
graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science & System
Development in 2000.

From 1999 to 2002 he worked as a system developer at The Norwegian
Central Securities Depository and as a consultant with Objectware.

In 2001, he co-founded Skolelinux[4] - a tailor-made Linux distro for
primary and secondary level educational institutions. Since then he
has managed the combination of voluntary and professional work done
with the Skolelinux project. Skolelinux is now a part of
DebianEdu[5]. Yrvin will continue to do voluntary work on that


Best regards 

Knut Yrvin
Community Manager / Developer Tools - Trolltech ASA
cell: + 47 908 95 765, phone: +47 21 60 27 58

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