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Hobbsee hobbsee at kubuntu.org
Fri Sep 1 12:25:23 BST 2006

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Just a FYI

Imbrandon's amarok packages were copied over to kubuntu.org, and signed
with Riddell's key, i believe.  Both are kubuntu developers, they should
be equally "official."


Jano wrote:
> Luke Monahan wrote:
>> On Thursday 31 August 2006 12:23, golfer wrote:
>>> Yes, that's what I am hoping for.  Dapper seems to run well on my pc,
>>> so I will probably stay with it as long as I can get the latest KDE.
>>> I do notice amarok 1.4.2 in edgy but not dapper, and wasn't sure if
>>> this will no longer be supported in dapper??
>> Imbrandon seems to be maintaining some up-to-date KDE apps for Dapper,
>> including Amarok 1.4.2.  Nothing official by the looks of it, but a good
>> source of new packages.
>> http://www.imbrandon.com/2006/08/23/get-it-hot-amarok-142-released/
> Uh? There are Dapper packages. I have these two and they give no problems:
> # amaroK
> deb http://kubuntu.org/packages/amarok-latest dapper main
> # KDE
> deb http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-latest dapper main
> I'm not sure how "official" they are, they're announced regularly in
> kubuntu.org (not the -latest flavor but the specific versions).
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