BasKet Note Pads Inclusion into KUbuntu

Luka Renko (Lure) lure at
Tue Oct 17 20:47:24 BST 2006

On Monday 16 October 2006 23:53, Sébastien Laoût wrote:
> I'm the main developer of BasKet Note Pads.
> I recently released 0.6.0, a major step forward for that application.
> Before that version, I considered the application to be
> useless/unattractive. I've done all my possible for 0.6.0 to be usable and
> useful to everybody.

I have tried older version and I can confirm that you really did a great job 
with 0.6.0 version.

> That's why I would want to propose BasKet Note Pads to be officially
> included into the next release of KUbuntu.

Kubuntu Edgy is currently FROZEN as release candidate is being prepared:

I do not see that Edgy+1 should be a problem to include it.

> How can I do to contact someone who would want to package it, so that I can 
> provide an official .deb package on the website.
> I'm currently collecting as much packages as I can, before releasing it 
> officially.
> Would be cool if a Debian and/or KUbuntu package could be proposed too, 
> it's my primary distribution.

The best is to find interested developer on #kubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-motu IRC 
channel - there are quite some Kubuntu's MOTU (and MOTU hopefulls) that could 
package it. I would package it myself, but I am not the most experienced 
packages and at this point rather dedicate to test/bugfix Edgy before 


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