BasKet Note Pads Inclusion into KUbuntu

Sébastien Laoût slaout at
Mon Oct 16 22:53:11 BST 2006


I'm the main developer of BasKet Note Pads.
I recently released 0.6.0, a major step forward for that application.
Before that version, I considered the application to be useless/unattractive.
I've done all my possible for 0.6.0 to be usable and useful to everybody.

You can get it or view screenshots of the latest version here:
It's marked "RC" because I wait for packages to be done and the new shiny 
website to be finished before releasing it officially. But it's the final 

BasKet Note Pads is a multi-purpose note-taking application.
It is its own concept, yet very efficient and unobtrusive, letting to quickly 
take notes, of all sorts, and easily manage and find them back.
The note-taking offer on Linux is quite empty.
It would be good if KUbuntu proposed such an application out of the box.

That's why I would want to propose BasKet Note Pads to be officially included 
into the next release of KUbuntu.

That's only a proposition, of course.
I would first want to know what do you think of that?
I heard from a packager (a French one, I don't remember the name, 
unfortunately :-( ) that this application was previously discussed for 
KUbuntu and not choosen because it was not mature yet.
Now that 0.6.0 is out, it's a new story.
It benefit from one year and a half of development on a new engine and a lot 
of new features, simplicity, and... it is now stable.
Could you reconsidere the discution?

PS: Debian already includes a package for 0.5.0.
This need to be updated.
But unfortunately, the previous packager don't reply to my emails, so I have 
nobody to package BasKet Note Pads to Debian/Ubuntu/KUbuntu.

Best regards,
Sébastien Laoût.

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