I still have problems with ACPI

Goldenear goldenear at free.fr
Mon Oct 16 15:38:21 BST 2006


I'm using kubuntu beta 1 (last apt-get upgrade a few minutes ago). I still 
have some problems with ACPI.

Suspend doesn't work: The computer (asus A8J laptop with nvidia gpu) 
seems to properly suspend but, after wake up, the screen stay blank (no 
backlight) thus the hard drive is working (led activity). I really wonder why 
the computer doesn't wake up properly...

Hibernate works pretty well but after wake up the wlan is not 
correctly "reactivated". I mean it has lost its IP and it is not recognised 
by iwconfig any more (eth1      no wireless extensions.)
The wlan is an intel ipw3945.

 Is there something I can do to help trouble shout all this ?


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