[kubuntu-testers] Let's get testing!

Martin B. necteno at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 21:30:54 BST 2006

Hello testers,
Our team has reached a magical number of twenty members ... wow!

The packages that need testing the most are:

The upcoming KDE 3.5.5, available here:  "deb
http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-355/ edgy main" (Some segfaults have
already been reported, so we should find all, it could get to Edgy )

The Kubuntu Edgy Eft Beta. One thing that should be tested more
intensively is updating from an older release, e.g. Dapper. I'd be
glad if someone did Hoary and Breezy as well. (Any volunteers?)

IMPORTANT: Whatever bugs you might find, make sure you subsribe the
team "kubuntu-testers" to it. We need to keep track of them! Thanks!

If you have some more ideas about our team or anything else to say,
just mail it. Big thanks to everyone that is already testing and

Martin "mhb" Böhm

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