The Week Ahead

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Fri Nov 24 13:47:26 GMT 2006

I'm away on holiday from this evening (Friday), if you're near Croatia
I believe the #ubuntu-hr dudes are organising a meetup.

So Kubuntu is in your hand and the next week.

We have a number of stable release updates to Edgy to complete.  The
katapult patch is waiting for approval, after which a core-dev can
upload it to edgy-proposed, then you
need to get 5 testers to approve it, or wait 7 days and upload to

Kopete and kdebase are already in -proposed and need 5 testers or 7
days then a -updates upload.

The first testing CD, Herd 1, is due out on Thursday according to Traditionally the first
testing CD of the release is always behind schedule since it depends
on important things like the installer working (which it doesn't yet),
however if daily CDs starts to appear please do test them and let
Tollef know if they work.

KOffice 1.6.1 is due out on Wednesday, we don't yet have a way for
others to update the website, but I've made packages and a web page
and put them at the usual places so you can publicise that once the
release is made.  I've put the source packages for feisty at so a core-dev an upload that
once the release is out.

Other than that, there's merges a plenty to be done for main and

and bugs to fix and the desktop guide to re-write and lots of specs to

And is it all worth it?  Seems so if the 35,000 desktop rollout in the
Canary islands is anything to go by.  And I know of a couple of
similar projets in the works too.

Enjoy yerselves


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