Kubuntu Newsletter

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Sat May 27 02:09:25 BST 2006

= Kubuntu Newsletter =

In this newsletter: release candidate, Kubuntu meeting, KOffice 1.5.1,
Kubuntu in Rosetta, Adept 2.0, Icecream and the Summer of Code.

== Release Candidate ==

The Kubuntu 6.06 LTS Release Candidate was made available on Thursday.


There have been no critical bugs from the Release Candidate so please
test it either from a fresh install or by upgrading from Breezy and
let us know how you get on.  We especially welcome reports of installs
from the new Ubiquity installer on the Desktop CD.


== Kubuntu Meeting ==

The first Kubuntu Meeting with the new Kubuntu Council was held,
minutes are available at:


We approved three new members, imbrandon, toma and kwwii.  We also
discussed what needs to be done before the final release.

The next meeting is on June 6th at 21:00UTC in #ubuntu-meeting, all

== KOffice 1.5.1 ==

KOffice 1.5.1 was released and packages are available for Kubuntu


These packages contain a fix for the Kexi tables problem.
Unfortunately the 1.5.1 
release was too late to get into Dapper.

== Kubuntu in Rosetta ==

Rosetta is now complete for the upcoming release.  This is the first
release where Rosetta supports Kubuntu and all of KDE in main has been


I sent out some guidance to KDE translators in using Rosetta.


Jonathan Jesse noted that Kubuntu Docs have been imported into Rosetta
translations of them are very welcome.


== Adept 2.0 ==

Peter Rockai released Adept 2.0.  Adept is Kubuntu's package manager
and the 2.0 release adds an update notifier icon in the system tray
and a simplified Add/Remove Programs installer.

== Icecream Packages ==

Icecream packages have entered the archive as icecc and icecc-monitor.
Icecream is a cluster compiler, similar to distcc but with a central
server for automatic setup.  It was written by KDE Developer Stephen


== Kubuntu Summer of Code ==

Google's Summer of Code 2006 has begun and Kubuntu has four students
working on QTParted, Guidance, a floppy/USB disk formatting tool and a
port of the Ubuntu OEM installer.  These should be exciting projects.

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