kubuntu flight 7 problems

Michel D'HOOGE michel.dhooge at gmail.com
Tue May 9 12:11:44 BST 2006

> khelpcenter search:
> ===================
> - the only searcheable thing is unix man pages. Should it be that way?
> - man pages entry is dublicated.
> - when you try to build search index, you get a dialog with a dublicate
> entry of Application Manuals marked with status "missing"
> When you push button "build Index" you get your index built but when you
> view details, you see index creation log with lots of error messages:

This problem is known and quite old but still not solved. IIRC one part of
the problem may be debian specific but it seems this part is broken for long
and I read somewhere someone proposing to plainly remove it...

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