Binary diffs for deb files

Hervé Fache Herve at
Thu May 4 22:32:29 BST 2006

Hmmm... The compressed version is what you receive. The process goes like this:
- get data for file (size, name, checksum)
- download file named name (show how much is left knowing size)
- verify size and checksum

Then at install time, you can have the checksum of any file within the
package as well.

Correct me if I am wrong.

2006/5/4, John Nilsson <john at>:
> (I accidentally sent this as a private response earlier in this thread,
> sorry for the dupe mdz)
> ----
> I don't understand why the compressed version of a package is
> significant at all.
> A good implementation of http transfers will allow cached versions of
> compressed packages to save bandwidth, correct? For long term storage
> the receiver could take advantage of the fact that the content is
> already compressed and just store it as is (maybe LUFS can be used to
> make this transparent to the package manager).
> In any case, checksums and deltas should be based on the actual content,
> not the compressed representation of it.
> Maybe it would be possible to have clients sync directly against VCS
> repositories, using proxies for compressed cache. mirrors could be
> implemented as VCS proxies, couldn't they?
> Regards,
> John
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