CUPS and Kubuntu Dapper

Miquel Torres miquel.t at
Thu Mar 23 19:20:00 GMT 2006

CUPS has now been broken in dapper for months. There are two facts:

1- CUPS 1.2 is not released yet, it is not even beta nor alpha(!)
2- KDE as of 3.5.1 is not compatible with the current CUPS 1.2 development

Has anything been decided on how to solve this problem?. It doesn't seem
easy. Either hack KDE 3.5.2 to be compatible with CUPS 1.1.9x or decide to
ship breeze's CUPS with dapper because 1.1.9something is really too bleeding

I have tested today (23.03) the daily build of Kubuntu live-cd and it is
still broken. KDEPrint still delivers the dreaded "CUPS can't connect to
server" message.

This is not meant as a criticism, I just want to stress how important it is
to solve this as soon as possible in the dapper development cycle for what
should be an enterprise-ready release.


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