Second KDE distribution 'based on' Ubuntu - MEPIS

Rajeev J Sebastian rajeev_jsv at
Thu Mar 23 05:14:24 GMT 2006

On Thursday 23 March 2006 03:00, Christoph Wiesen wrote:
> Hello,
> thought this might be an interesting bit of information for this list.
> Warren Woodford recently announced that MEPIS, a KDE-centric distribution
> formerly based on Debian (stable or unstable, depending on current state of
> Debian) will be releasing a test version "incorporating software from the
> Ubuntu Dapper package pools".
> Besides Kubuntu this would be the second source for KDE software packages
> for current (k)ubuntu releases.
> Seems like a good thing for Kubuntu as well - more packages, more users,
> more testing.
On Feb 16, 2006, Rachana released our Rachana Malayalam OS with full support 
for Malayalam language. It is based on Kubuntu Dapper.
> You can read the full announcement here:
> Maybe some of the MEPIS configuration tools will now finally find their way
> into Kubuntu. Though I'm not sure what their current state is. Back in the
> day when I was using MEPIS they had some nice QT-based configuration
> utilities for installation, user setup and what not - we'll see if
> something will make it into Kubuntu and complement system settings /
> guideance.
I am also writing some config tools, and once they are done, I will be happy 
to share them with Kubuntu community.

Btw, whats the expected release date of Kubuntu Dapper ?

Rajeev J Sebastian

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