flight 5 testing - any quick way?

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Thu Mar 23 02:29:43 GMT 2006


For Dapper, Kubuntu docs will be uploaded in Rosetta the translation project
for the first time, so you could also help translate that into
Lithuianian(sp?) if you would like to.

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I guess I was misunderstood. I actually proofread a chapter yesterday,
and would like to thank you for a suggestion how to help.

I would perhaps have liked to help some less time consuming way (like
the windows bug reporting nowadays - "do you wish to send a bug report?"
Yes. - and that is it), but if developers rather need informed input and
not raw boot logs and config files - it is ok. I am actually heading a
KDE translation into Lithuanian project, and if in Kubuntu I can be
helpful in another way - that is fine with me.

So thank you Jonathan, no pun intended.

-- Donatas Glodenis http://dg.lapas.info

Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Donatas,
> I didn't mean it to come across that way.  I was trying to offer an easy
> to help.  I'm not a developer and found that helping out with
> and the wiki in ways that I could, including lapotp testing was the best I
> could offer.  Just trying to offer help
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