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jos poortvliet jos at
Wed Mar 22 14:34:15 GMT 2006

Op woensdag 22 maart 2006 14:28, schreef Chris:
> After reading Sebas' thoughts about the performance I think it's rather
> important now that the windeco for dapper is switched 'back' to Plastik.
> Why Plastik? There would be a wealth of other windecos for KDE that fulfill
> the requirements of professionalism and usability, but Plastik has very
> widespread use (no bugs to be expected) and with KDE 3.2 or so got a lot of
> performance optimizations. So all in all I think KDE is the best choice for
> dapper (3 years of use ahead) and is not a bad one either.

i think you have a reasonable point here - performance is important, and being 
bug-free too. personally, there is just one thing i don't like about 
plastik's windec, and that's the fact it *always* wants to show a thin line 
seperating the window from the decoration, instead of just blending them. 
seems to be hard-coded, i can't recolor it or get rid of it. and this is 
exactly the kind of thing that seperates gnome from KDE: kde always seems to 
have these thin lines seperating stuff that doesn't have to be seperated. 
plastik would look a lot cleaner if it just got rid of that line...

> Concerning the slight OT kbfx issue; I think it's cool, but such a change
> (by default at least) would involve a decent time period of evaluation and
> some usability tests first. Not a good idea at this point I guess.

and it won't be finished for the next 10 days at least. well, guess you're 
right. on the other hand, we could have a look at the finished work - if its 
good enough, why not...

> Personally I don't like such "complete program managers" instead of a
> simple starter that have more than one column anyway ;)
> Still I wouldn't mind a package of this in universe or main - that at least
> would ease testing and evaluation for a future release.

that's the least we could do. but remember most ppl won't change their default 
settings at all...
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