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Wed Mar 22 13:28:38 GMT 2006

After reading Sebas' thoughts about the performance I think it's rather
important now that the windeco for dapper is switched 'back' to Plastik. Why
Plastik? There would be a wealth of other windecos for KDE that fulfill the
requirements of professionalism and usability, but Plastik has very
widespread use (no bugs to be expected) and with KDE 3.2 or so got a lot of
performance optimizations. So all in all I think KDE is the best choice for
dapper (3 years of use ahead) and is not a bad one either.

Concerning the slight OT kbfx issue; I think it's cool, but such a change
(by default at least) would involve a decent time period of evaluation and
some usability tests first. Not a good idea at this point I guess.
Personally I don't like such "complete program managers" instead of a simple
starter that have more than one column anyway ;)
Still I wouldn't mind a package of this in universe or main - that at least
would ease testing and evaluation for a future release.

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> On Wednesday 22 March 2006 05:19, Javier wrote:
> &gt; Maybe someone can ask for a UPV exception? This looks very cool. :)
> Yeah, since the freeze is supposed to allow UI polish I would say this 
> applies.
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