flight 5 testing - any quick way?

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Tue Mar 21 18:24:49 GMT 2006


I didn't mean it to come across that way.  I was trying to offer an easy way
to help.  I'm not a developer and found that helping out with documentation
and the wiki in ways that I could, including lapotp testing was the best I
could offer.  Just trying to offer help

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Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Donatas,
> An easy way for a non-developer to get involved is through helping out
> the documentation.  It is an easy way to do nothing more then just
> and correct problems.  A lof of the documents (found at doc.ubuntu.com)
> could use some love getting reviewed.  Also any help on correcting issues
> the wiki would be a great place to start as well.
> Also if you have a laptop then the laptop testing team is another great
> place to start, I don't know how many people are testing Kubuntu
> specifically, but that would be of great help for the developers.
> I hope that helps solve some of your questions,
> Jonathan

So, I gather, there is no useful way for me to help with testing. OK,
today I started my proofreading carreer :)

Just in case someone else is intereseted to join, instructions on
proofreading Kubuntu documentation could be found here:

Donatas G.

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