Fwd: [powersave-users] kPowerSave problem: kubuntu version

Raphaël Pinson raphink at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 15 11:59:27 GMT 2006

Le Jeudi 2 Mars 2006 17:37, Michael Biebl a écrit :

> I'm the maintainer of the Debian kpowersave and the powersave packages.
> The problem here is, that the kubuntu-desktop meta package has a strict
> dependency on powernowd (cpu frequency scaling) and apmd. As powersaved
> provides this functionality itself, you have to make sure that apmd and
> no other cpu frequency scaling daemon is running. To ensure that, I made
> powersaved conflict with apmd and powernowd (and other cpufreq daemons
> like cpudyn and cpufreqd).
> Initially I also provided packages for (K)Ubuntu. I changed them to also
> Replaces/Provides: powernowd, apmd, which made them installable without
> removing kubuntu-desktop. This was a rather hacky solution. I don't
> provide these packages anymore as (k)powersave is now in universe
> maintained by the MOTUs.
> A better solution would be, if Jonathan could change the kubuntu-desktop
> meta-package and use "Requires: apmd | powersaved, powernowd |
> powersaved". This would solve the problem.
> For now, the user will have to uninstall the kubuntu-desktop
> meta-package, because the packages in the Kubuntu archive are only
> recompilation of my Debian packages without my Kubuntu specific changes.
> @Jonathan: would you be willing to make the aforementioned changes?

I'm afraid this is not as simple as this, because the kubuntu-desktop 
dependencies are not hardcoded, they are generated for each arch using a 
script that retrieves them from the germinate output on 
http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/seeds/ . I'm not sure if this system 
currently supports entries like "apmd | powersaved"...


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