kdm boots to terminal sometimes

David abcdefg at solcon.nl
Wed Mar 8 08:29:59 GMT 2006


On dapper I have the same problem (unlike breezy). I 
don't think this is a ati problem because the computer I have the problem on 
has a nvidia geforce2 card. Also I don't think this is a xorg problem because 
I only have to type ctrl-alt-f7 to go to the kdm gui. So it's starts 
correctly but the startup sequence trows me on the console login on boot. I 
tried to find out when it goes correctly and when it goes wrong but it seems 
completely random :)


> I've had similar problems (off and on) in the past. If you have a
> video card (such as radeons) that has multiple drivers available, try
> one of the alternate Xorg video drivers. See if the problem
> stays/improves/worsens. I seem to remember "ati" as the driver on my
> machine was problematic... but not 100% sure. Swaping drivers swaps
> out a fair % of Xorg, so may help if theres a kdm->Xorg->driver prob.

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