Fwd: [Ubuntu Wiki] Update of "Kubuntu/Meetings" by LukaRenko

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Tue Mar 7 20:28:40 GMT 2006

   * Are we going to get some kde pictures for flight 5? Surely we dont only
 have improvements only to gnome. Mornfall should have some pictures of the
 new Adept and the Update Notifier which should be somewhere in the
 documentation.  What other areas of kde have been changed between breezy and
 dapper, that are worth putting into the summary page? 
 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperFlight5 -- Hobbsee +

Don't know the best way to add comments to this, but I asked mgalvin if he 
would setup a DapperFlight4 for Kubuntu and he said he would do, however that 
never happened.  I think we another person, a doc person hopefully, that can 
take care of this?

Also anything different in the release notes for Flight 5 that has changed?


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