metabar usability issue

Javier javiermon at
Thu Mar 2 11:37:18 GMT 2006


I've noticed a usability issue with metabar and the current "one
click" behaviour in kubuntu. I'll try to explain miself as best as I

When I use konqueror and metabar is showing up in the sidebar, it
displays information about the current folder. Metabar can also
display previews for some filetypes as well as other options, but
currently this doesn't work well. If I open a folder with files and
more folders, metabar refreshes showing details of the folder I've
just arrived. Then, if I select a file (but I don't open it) by
clicking on the folder I am and holding the click to make a rectangle
selection which includes the file I want to select, the file is now
selected, but metabar doesn't refresh. This is related to the fact
that its difficult to select files in konqueror without using the
keyboard (only the mouse).

The only current way to select the file and having metabar refreshed
correctly is to right click on the file (and thus bringing the context
menu which is not a very good solution). I think this issue could be
solved by enabling by default the automatic selection of files when
pointing with the mouse a file (with an appropiate time delay).

I'm sorry if this issue has already been discussed or if this is not
the appropiate place for this discussions. Please point me to the
right place and if appropiate I'll file a bug about this.



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