kde 3.5.3 problems on dapper - fglrx problem actually...

Donatas G. dgvirtual at akl.lt
Sun Jun 4 18:22:12 BST 2006

2006 m. birželis 4 d., sekmadienis 18:13, Donatas G. rašė:
> 2006 m. birželis 4 d., sekmadienis 12:36, john e rašė:
> > I ran into the same problem, but with kde 3.5.2  recently. I think it
> > has to do with the fglrx driver, but I'm unsure. What driver are you
> > using?
> Here are "fglrxinfo" and "dmesg | grep fglrx" outputs attached.

Once I reverted back to ati driver instead of fglrx, my kaffeine and codeine 
problems are also gone. 

Is there a way, though, to have normal 3D rendering withouth the proprietary 
fglrx driver on radeon 9200 graphical card? According to the documentation, 
it should be available, but how do I enable it?

Donatas Glodenis

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