Kubuntu 6.06 LTS Here for the Long Term

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 1 11:34:30 BST 2006

Kubuntu 6.06 LTS Here for the Long Term

[1 June 2006]  http://kubuntu.org/announcements/6.06-lts-release.php

Kubuntu 6.06 LTS has been released. It is available for download now
or, for the first time, you can order free Kubuntu CDs through
Shipit. This release comes with KDE 3.5.2 and includes a new installer
which you can use direct from the live desktop CD. We have focused on
stability and bugfixes, as our first Long Term Support release 6.06
will be supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the

To download Kubuntu 6.06 LTS go to:

* http://kubuntu.org/download.php

To order free CDs through Shipit go to:

* https://shipit.kubuntu.org/

What's New

Here is what's new in Kubuntu 6.06 LTS

Ubiquity Desktop Installer

Install Kubuntu 6.06 LTS directly from the live Desktop CD. It takes
just 6 steps to set it going and you can browse the web while it
installs. Most users will only need the Desktop CD but for advanced
installs with low memory needs, preseeded options, LVM or RAID the old
text installer is still available on the Alternate CD.

Adept Notifier and Simplified Installer

Our software package manager now comes with a notification icon when
you have updates that can be installed and a simplified installer
which you can find as Add/Remove Programs.

X Display Configuration from Guidance

The Guidance suite of configuration tools in System Settings has been
expanded to include a display module to help you fix any problems to
your X driver settings.

Windows Free Software

The Desktop CD comes with an improved range of Free Software for
Windows, including Scribus DTP and Kexi Database 1.0. Use it to
convert your friends to Freedom.

CJK Languages Support

Kubuntu 6.06 LTS comes with much improved support for oriental
languages thanks to Skim and changes to KDE.


Zeroconf support is ready to go to let you easily find services on
your local network. Turned off by default as required by our security
policy just install avahi-daemon to enable it.

Netboot Install

You can also install over the network, see

Rosetta Language Packs

Language packs now come direct from Rosetta, our web based translation
application. The language packs will be updated during the release so
it is not too late to start translating.

* https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+translations

Improved Documentation

The new Kubuntu Desktop Guide gets you started with you new Kubuntu install.

On the Server

  * New Linux builds targeted at server platforms. The server kernels
    are tuned differently than the desktop kernels (providing better
    performance for server applications).

  * There are both low-end, and "big iron" server kernels. The low-end
    server kernel is generic, and should work on the same equipment that
    the desktop kernel runs on. The highend server kernel is geared
    towards systems with greater than 8 CPUs (ES7000 / Summit / BIGSMP).

  * Turn-key LAMP installation for this common deployment scenario.

  * Improved support for clusters and SANs.

  * Numerous thin client enhancements, including faster client
    startup, graphical boot process, reduced memory requirements, and
    sound device support.

Downloading and Installing

Kubuntu 6.06 LTS can be downloaded from
http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/6.06 and then burned onto a
writable CD or DVD. It is available for PC (i386), 64-bit PC (AMD64)
and Mac (PowerPC) as Desktop CD (runs a Desktop from the live CD and
allows for install), Alternate CD (text installer) or combined
desktop/ alternate DVD.

Please download using Bittorrent if possible.

The CDs require 700MB media.

Recommended Minimum Requirements

Install Type    Memory         Hard Drive Space
Desktop         256 megabytes  3 gigabytes
Server          64 megabytes   500 megabytes

Upgrading from 5.10

Users of Kubuntu 5.10 can upgrade to 6.06 LTS over the internet by following
these instructions:

  * In Adept go to Manage Repositories and change "breezy" to "dapper"
  * Click "Fetch Updates"
  * Click "Full Upgrade"
  * Click "Commit"
  * After all packages have installed reboot the computer

If you have a Kubuntu 6.06 CD put it in the drive and run apt-cdrom
from the command line then follow the instructions above.

Feedback and Helping

We welcome feedback and help with making the next version of Kubuntu.

Comments can be left on this wiki page

 * https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuDapperReleaseComments

Any known problems can be found at

 * https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuDapperKnownProblems

Please report any problems through Launchpad.

 * http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bugs

If you have a question try asking on the #kubuntu IRC channel on
freenode, the kubuntu-users mailing list and the Kubuntu
Forums. Community support is also available in a increasing number of

 * http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/kubuntu-users
 * http://www.kubuntuforums.net
 * http://kubuntu.org/forums-local-groups.php

Finally if you want to help improve Kubuntu please come and join us.

 * https://www.kubuntu.org/HelpingKubuntu


For more information about Kubuntu visit our website:

 * http://kubuntu.org

Press contact:

Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> +44 (0)7941 938912 (Scotland)

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