Dapper screensaver: Mild security risk

Michel D'HOOGE list.dhooge at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 16:52:01 BST 2006

> It's fixed in kde 3.5.4, which will be released in a few days.  Packages
> are being made for edgy at the moment, and I expect them to be made for
> dapper as well.
Good news! I'd be looking for it.

> In the meantime, I'd suggest setting a shortcut key to lock your
> machine, and using that to fire the screensaver.  
I already do it when I know I'm leaving my computer for a while (e.g. for 
lunch) but sometimes you're away more than expected ;-)

> Also, kde 3.5.2 shipped with dapper - not 3.5.3.  
Yes, of course. But it seems many people wanted to try 3.5.3 even though 
sticking to dapper for other packages.


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