Mentioning ShipIt on the Download Kubuntu page

Frode Severin Hatlevik frodeseverin at
Tue Jul 25 09:47:22 BST 2006

I recently helped my friend downloading and burning Kubuntu to a CD.
He complained that this procedure was not particularly user frinddly.
Then I thought of ShipIt.

The way ShipIt is announced on the web page it is not too obvious that
free CDs og Kubuntu are available for order. A small mentioning on the
top of the Downloads page (
beneath the line with the link to the BurningIsoHowto might be a good
idea. Something along the lines of "If all other fails, or if you
would just like a pretty looking CD, you can order a pre-pressed CD
from ShipIt"

It's all about user-friendliness.

Da sa Gud: "Det bli lys!"
Og det ble lys.
                      1. Mosebok 1.3

And God said, "Let there be light,"
and there was light.
                      Genesis 1:3, NIV

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