Better explanation of how to burn CD from ISO CD image

Frode Severin Hatlevik frodeseverin at
Mon Jul 10 18:37:30 BST 2006

We Kubuntu lovers want to give our friends a chance to get a good OS on
their computer. Now this is as easy as giving them a Kubuntu install CD
or DVD. But what if we want to help them burn their own CD or DVD?

Most novice users, and intermediate users too, for that matter, do not
know what to do with an .iso file to get it on a CD or DVD properly. A
common mistake for MS Windows is to use Eplorer or a cd burning
program to burn the file  directly to a CD, effectively wasting time and
money, producing a negative feeling for the whole Kbuntu thing, and
hence Linux/Open Source.

Luckily there exists a beautifully written wiki on this subject. The
address is

Most novice Windows users, and again intermediate too, are not familiar
with the wiki-concept. How about including a link to the above wiki on
the dowload page for Kubuntu, like they have done on the Ubuntu project
download page? Preferably the wiki should be mentioned before the
listing of the available cd-images. Un the Ubuntu page the Wiki is
mentioned way down on the bottom of the page, well out of view for most
impatient downloaders.


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