Fwd: Question on setting up networkin in Qemu

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Fri Jan 6 19:23:00 GMT 2006

I sent this email to the users list and no one was able to help me out.   I'm 
trying to use qemu on Breezy to get things working with networking.  Is there 
anyone using qemu for virtual pcs?

I know there are breezy virtual machines that i can use w/ the VMWare Player, 
but with qemu I can run muliple OSes if I can get networking to work.

Any help would be great.

sudo qemu -hda dapper.img shows me connected to tun0 but I can't get 

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Subject: Question on setting up networkin in Qemu
Date: Tuesday 03 January 2006 12:24
From: Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at iserv.net>
To: kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com

I don't know if anyone has worked w/ Qemu but I'm struggling on getting
networking to work on my virtual machines.  I think I have the bridging setup
correctly using the bridge control package, but what I'm having issues with
is tunneling it correctly.  Is there a module or something special I need in
the kernel to enable tunneling?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


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