testing flight 4 on Laitude D810

Luka Renko 74.luka at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 13:10:09 GMT 2006

On 2/28/06, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at iserv.net> wrote:
> First off, upon closing the lid my laptop now suspends which is a great
> improvement.  I could never get it to work correctly on Dell Inspiron 5150
> even while using Dapper.

Interesting - this is not the case with my notebook (HP nw8240). You are
using the standard power management (klaptopdaemon)?

Fn + F2 should turn off the wireless card, but turns off KBluetoothD and the
> bluetooth indicator goes out

On my system this is HW key and it turns on/off all wireless adapters (WiFi
and Bluetooth). Therefore I suspect it is the same on your notebook and it
turns off Bluetooth too.
Does it switch wireless off or not?

Fn+F3 is for the battery and works correctly

Do you mean it starts KLaptop applet?
I also have such kety (Fn+F8) and would be interested to know which
keycode/keysym should the key generate in order to trigger KLaptop. Can you
start "xev" and press the key and provide the output?

Fn+Page Up should turn up the sound, doesn't work
> Fn+Page Dn should turn the sound down, doesn't work
> Fn+End should mute, but doesn't work

You should check with xev what kind of keycodes this generates. KMilo
handles this properly for standard keysyms:

XF86AudioMute XF86AudioLowerVolume XF86AudioRaiseVolume

You may want to try System Settings -> Regional-> Keyboard Layout and select
"Laptop/notebook Dell Inspirion..." - it may be that Inspirion has same keys
as your notebook. For me, selecting Compaq (Armada) enabled volume keys.

Fn+Up increases the brightness which works correctly
> Fn+Down decreases the brightness which works correctly

I think this is done in HW (true for my notebook).

> I looked into updating the wiki page but the author of the page asked him
> to
> be contacted but his email bounced for me.

Kubuntu is quite different than Ubuntu in terms of notebook support,
therefore you may want to consider creating your own page anyhow.
I have done the same (after dicussing this with original page author) for my
notebook, therefore I have created /Kubuntu sub-page:

I was also wondering how much of the testing for the laptop team occurs on
> Kubuntu?

I suppose not that many. :-(( At least there are not many LaptopTestingTeam
pages with Kubuntu specific info.
Maybe we should for start create a wiki page for this: KubuntuLaptop and
maybe describe what is done and should work and what it does not (and can be
made manually).

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