trying Xgl and compiz on KDE

golfer golfbuf at
Tue Feb 21 18:57:27 GMT 2006

Xgl really rocks and I'd like to use it in KDE.

I have an Nvidia MX 4000 which would not work until glitz hit 0.5.3. 
Now it works in gnome, but poorly in KDE.  Is there a way to improve
KDE performance?

Xgl (without compiz) KDE bugs:

With kdm, I can't get past the login screen.  After entering my name
and password and hitting return, the screen goes black and a login
screen pops up again.  This seems to recycle forever.  So, I have to
switch to gdm to login to KDE.  Workable, but I'd prefer to be able to
use KDE's session manager, which doesn't seem to work under gdm.

I had set up my KDE keyboard preferences to use the Win keys to popup
the menu.  With Xgl, the Win keys do not work.

One good thing about Xgl (without compiz) is that it's an improvement
over Xorg's Composite engine .. I can run KDE Shadows and Translucency
without consuming much of the processor.

Xgl with compiz KDE bugs:

The tops of windows are missing, so there's no way to grab and move,
resize, or use windows.  Because of this, I couldn't use it long
enough to bugs hunt much.

Katapult is killed.

Frozen bubble doesn't want to appear.


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