kdesu and sudo behaviour

Bellegarde Cedric gnumdk at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 18 23:18:37 GMT 2006

I think there is a problem with patch kubuntu_28_fix_sudo.diff from kdelibs.

setenv("HOME", "/root", 1);

Because of this line, no way to have antialiasing with kde apps runned with 
kdesu and when a user open the filedialog, it go in /root !

I think setenv("ICEAUTHORITY", "/root/.ICEauthority", 0) and  
setenv("KDEROOTHOME", "/root", 0) already stop kde programs changing 
permissions on ~/.kde and /.ICEauthority.

I use alias kdesu="kdesu HOME=/home/gnumdk" since two weeks without any 
permissions problem.

Sorry for my english ;)

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