sudo + X problem? (was:Re: dapper settings has miscellaneous Display)

Achim Bohnet ach at
Thu Feb 16 23:46:44 GMT 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 08:46, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hi,


form earlier in the thread:

>> What does "sudo echo $DISPLAY" give?

The $DISPLAY is expanded by user shell
_before_ sudo is executed.  I would suggest comparing output of

	sudo printenv | 'DISPLAY|XAUTHORITY|HOME'

Here the output is identical and displayconfig
starts up fine.

And for you Bernt?
> Just some more info that I've found by using strace.
> Running 'displayconfig' and 'sudo displayconfg' on breezy both 
> use /home/sbe/.Xauthority. But doing 'displayconfig' on dapper 
> uses /home/sbe/.Xauthority while 'sudo displayconfg' tries to use 
> '/root/.Xauthority'!

Hmm, then $HOME gets maybe redefined?   That's one way how it can
go wrong  (see man xauth. Section FILES and ENVIRONMENT and -f)

> My python code uses the C function XOpenDisplay() to open the X display. 
> (DISPLAY=:0.0)
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